Reached the main milestone on the project as a development partner of Tecan AG

February 9, 2015
Today we are proud to announce that we have reached the main milestone on a project our company has been working on for the last 2 years as a development partner of Tecan AG (, a world leader in the development of medical devices. The new product is named “Spark™ 10M – multimode microplate reader”. This novel product was launched on February 8, 2015 at SLAS 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Washington DC, Untied States.
Our main goal was the development of the “Cell counting and viability analyzer”, as well as the “High-speed DNA quantification”. In addition, we have developed other background services which were needed as part of the development cycle.
You can read more about this product and the accompanying software on the following links.
1. Spark™ 10M official page –
2. Cell counting and viability analyzer –
3. High-speed DNA quantification –
4. More about Spark™ 10M –