Development of an eBay interface for an ERP system. Applications communicate directly with the eBay servers and the eBay database in XML / SOAP format via APIs. The use of APIs enables the development of customized applications with very specific features and customized processes.

    Development and maintenance of an Auto Text System (TBS), which consists of several components:

    • Deployment and installation of the software using NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)

    • The main program – Microsoft Word and MS Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), VBA, C #

    • Update system as part of the program to automatically update the system software via the Intranet / Internet (VBA, NSIS, C)
    • Update system as part of the main program to automatically synchronize the database used by the program with the central server (VBA, Access, MySql, PHP, C, C #)
    • Dynamic insertion, change, and deletion of the data in the database by the program users, with subsequent approval of the changes by an Editor (VBA, PHP, MySQL, C, C #)
    Development of a program for creation of partially standardized documents.
    Further development and support of the Auto Text System (TBS).
    Current development of a new software system.